OTE Gutter & Roofing

Why we need Gutter maintenance

Gutter cleaning, repairs and maintenance are required to prevent water damage to your home. If the gutters do not function properly can develop issues like leaks, clogs, or fascia damage, leading to improper water drainage. Without proper functioning gutters, rainwater can expand around the foundation, may cause structural damage, flooding in the basement, and damage landscape erosion. Regular gutter cleaning, repairs and maintenance help protect your property from all these potential issues.

What are the benefits of properly maintaining your gutters?

Prevents water overflow from leaves clogging up your gutters. Reduces the chances of insects spreading and reproducing. Increases the life of your gutters, fascia board, walls, and foundation by ensuring leaks and cracks are repaired. Saves you money as maintaining your gutters cheaper than paying.
  • For a new guttering system.
  • For a new Fascia board.
  • For a repair you’re wall, siding.
  • For a removal of mold.
  • To fix foundation.
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